Seoul Foodie Find: Paco Loco


It’s refreshing to find a Mexican restaurant with a chef trained and certified to cook street food with a gourmet twist. In Seoul, where the best is sometimes a large corporate chain, Paco Loco gives us what we want: real Mexican food, good prices. It’s a taqueria that ditches the Tex-Mex/fusion trend, offering a taste of Guadalajara instead.

Try their chorizo (spicy sausage) tacos for a quick, delicious meal covered with homemade salsa and—thank God!—lots of cilantro and avocado. Or get an al pastor burrito layered with fried beans, Mexican rice and sour cream. Really hungry? Order up the chilaquiles for fried tortillas sopping wet with delicious enchilada sauce, eggs, and salsa, all served along with roasted poblano chiles and your choice of meat.

For a real treat, order the chiles en nogada: roasted bell peppers stuffed with rice and meat, and doused with sour cream and fried vegetables. Sit down with friends and have a Negra Modelo or order it all for take-out and satisfy your Mexican food munchies.