Seoul Film Society: Our Happy Time (우리들의 행복한 시간), Director: Song Hae-sung

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Seoul Film Society: Our Happy Time (우리들의 행복한 시간), Director: Song Hae-sun

ourhappytimePlease join Seoul Film Society for our July screening on Saturday 5th July. We will be showing the very popular 2006 film ‘Our Happy Time’ from director Song Hae-sung. ‘Our Happy Time’ was adapted from the best selling novel by Gong Ji-young and stars Lee Na-young and Gang Dong-won. This is a FREE screening, open to the public. It’s an wonderful opportunity to see this modern hit film on a big screen in a great venue. ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

Yu-jeong (Lee Na-young) has now attempted to commit suicide three times. Her disdain for her mother and indifference to the rest of the world, isolates her from any chance for happiness. Yu-jeong’s aunt Sister Monica is a nun, and she often goes to the prison to visit death row inmates. Sister Monica meets a new death row inmate who asks if he could meet her niece. Yu-jeong reluctantly agrees.

Yu-jeong and the death row inmate do not open up to each other immediately. Yu-jeong comes from a wealthy family and is a professor at a university. Yet, she has never known happiness since the age of 15 as a result of a sexual assault at the hands of her cousin. The inmate that she meets, named Yun-soo (Kang Dong-won), has had an even more traumatic childhood experience. He was abandoned by his parents at an early age and has had to live on the streets while caring for a younger brother. Eventually Yun-soo ends up involved in the criminal world and gets convicted for murder. With their disparate backgrounds, Yu-jeong and Yun-soo are still able to connect with each other, because both people have encountered grief like few others could possibly know. As they both regain the will to live through their weekly meetings, they must now deal with their feelings for each other and come to grips with the short amount of time they have together.

Date: Saturday, July 5th.
날짜 : 07월 5일
Time: 3pm.
시간: 오후 3시
Admission fee: FREE
Place: Haechi Hall in Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center
(5th Floor M Plaza in Myeong-dong)

Full directions

(Call Barry on 010-5138-8859 if you get lost or can’t find it and I will come meet you at exit 6 Myeong-dong station.)

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