Road FC 016 – 017

The anticipation is high for Road FC 017 on  Sunday August 17th in Seoul at Olympic Hall. So what’s all the hype? The beautiful Song Ga-Yeon will debut in her first mixed martial arts fight against Japanese fighter Emi Yamamoto. Song trained at Busan Guard High School where she practiced taekwondo , judo and kendo eventually settling into kickboxing with a 5-0 amateur record including 2 wins against male fighters.

Starting out as a road girl with Road FC, Korea’s most popular MMA promotion, Song was always looking to be an MMA fighter. With stunning looks and amazing talent it wasn’t long before she became famous and appearing on TV shows such as Roommates and XTM’s Crying Fist. 

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In other news Road FC 016 is in the books with amazing performances by fighters such as Jo Nam-Jin, Bruno Miranda, and Riki Fukuda. Jo Nam-Jin is now the official Road FC flyweight title holder with the split decision after a great back and forth match. Yoon Dong-Sik was defeated in the first round by Riki Fukuda. Bruno Miranda got the TKO against a taunting Lee Kwang-Hee with a vicious knee to the ribs leaving Lee riving in pain. 

Road FC 016 Results

Flyweight Title Match – Song Min-Jong vs Jo Nam-Jin(Win)

Middleweight Super Fight – Yoon Dong-Sik vs Riki Fukuda(Win)

Lightweight Bout– Lee Kwang-Hee vs Bruno Miranda(Win)

Female Catchweight Bout – Song Hyo-Kyung(Win) vs Kimura Hazuki

Featherweight Bout – Park Hyung-Geun(Win) vs Lim Byung-Hee