Ringo Music Festival At Tokyo Design Week

tokyo design week

Coming into Tokyo Design Week 2016 I had no idea what to expect, nonetheless I was excited to see how crazy it was. This venue was huge, it had multiple warehouses with over a 100 different exhibits, as well as outdoor creative areas. The amount of talent in one area was a little overwhelming where everywhere you look there was something there that someone spent hours and hours trying to create.

lingo music festival tokyo design week

The exhibits were great and truly showed what people can achieve, however I was interested in the other part of TDW, and that was the music. There were some amazing shows to be seen at Ringo Music Festival at Tokyo Design Week. During the last week of October in Tokyo, there were multiple musical performances put on here, from the amazing voices of Ms.OOJA to underground DJ’s like DJ Seiho, Tokyo Design Week had it all.

You could feel the crowd here as they were waving their hands to all the songs, it felt like a real concert even though it was held at a design event. However in there own way, music can be seen as designing words and sounds in a way that can invoke emotion.

During these performances you could feel that happening, weather people were dancing or just feeling the beat, everyone was really into it and was good to see.

In the “underground” DJ area of Tokyo Design Week there were some great DJ’s. The setting was one of a small venue, a bar and an artist by the name of Takayuki Ina, that was live painting a piece of art. The ambience was great to experience having so many talented people in one room doing what they love.

ina Takayuki
Takayuki Ina

One DJ that stood out in my mind and maybe the whole festival was DJ Seiho. As far as actual performances for a DJ he was one of the most fun DJ’s to watch. It’s amazing seeing DJ’s so into their own music that they can’t help but dance along with it.

It was hard getting a picture of him because he was moving around so much, as far as DJ’s go he was the most enjoyable to see. Along with him the other performances were great as well and definitely worth going to see.

dj seiho
DJ Seiho

Tokyo Design Week altogether had great venues, great accommodating people and great vibes. The amount of creativeness at this event really goes to show how people are pushing themselves to keep creating wonderful works of art or amazing pieces of music. Tokyo Design Week had it all and was one to remember.