Rain and Kim Tae-hee to get married


Sources close to internationally recognized singer/actor Rain and actress Kim Tae-hee have stated that the couple plans on getting married in 2015. The two have been dating since January 2013 and have been spotted while out on dates together around Seoul and in the United States. Recently, the two were seen together on a date in Shanghai which was their first time being spotted together in over 6 months. Despite long-running rumors of their marriage plans, they had stood by their denial of any such plans for the near future. Now, it seems that the two will indeed be getting married at some point this year. Initially the two ran into some problems when Kim Tae-hee’s parents would not give their approval for her to marry Rain, but after convincing Kim’s sister and brother-in-law to give them their blessing, her parents followed suit. Now, with the approval from both of their respective parents, the couple have begun discussing details of the marriage with their close friends and relatives. No word on exactly when the wedding will take place, but there are rumors of the couple considering a winter wedding.

Update: Both Kim Tae-hee and Rain have released official statements through their agencies denying any such wedding plans taking place. Their agencies stated that if they were to begin wedding plans, they would most likely be making the traditional official public announcement.