R16 Korea World Final 2015

Every year, over twenty R16 b-boy competitions take place in countries around the world — culminating in the the R16 Korea World Final. The weekend long b-boy tournament and urban arts festival will determine the b-boy world champions and showcase graffiti artists, streetwear designers, hip-hop concerts, popping battles, and an assortment of urban dance styles.

With the “R” in R16 signifying respect, 16 national teams will battle it out for one of the most sought after titles in street dance culture, in crew and solo b-boy, popping, and locking competitions. Spectators can expect unreal performances from legendary b-boy crews, including 2014 champs and Korean b-boy crew Gamblerz, as well as first-rate beats from local and international DJS.

Sponsored by the Korea Tourism Organization and the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, R16 is a celebration of urban youth culture and takes the street movement to another level. This year’s R16 World Final will take place at the Jangchung Gymnasium and a club, yet to be announced, in Seoul.

Jangchung Gymnasium. September 11-13. Ticket inquiry r16korea.com, For more information, contact r16korea@gmail.com or 02-576-3463.