Platoon Kunsthalle Night Flea Market

Words and shots by Kyle Burton

Imagine a place where you can sip on a pint of freshly brewed beer while shopping to your heart’s desire. Once a month, Platoon Kunsthalle (a German word meaning “a place that hosts art exhibitions”), an unusual container-construction in Gangnam, hosts a night flea market that caters to Seoul’s artistically edgy crowd looking for their next bad and bold fashion statement.

The Platoon Kunsthalle concept, an aesthetic compound that has its flagship in Germany, is a place of artistic experimentation and subcultural socializing. Platoon Kunsthalle hosts art for patrons who are interested in creating and displaying their work, from urban art and contemporary photography to funky music and modish dance. It is an ideal place for people to find an outlet for artistic expression.

Even if you don’t want to shop, the flea market can be your monthly go-to place for the best subcultural party in town. A collaboration between Bling Magazine and Platoon Kunsthalle, this is your chance to shop, eat, drink, dance and mingle all at the same time. Sip on a stout, chow down a German sausage and take advantage of some beatnik bargains. DJs spin hot beats as bartenders pour fresh Bavaria-brewed beer in this club-like space that evokes an underground soiree.

If you are interested in reserving a spot and selling your stuff at the flea market than you can sign up on the Bling website (Korean language) or contact Platoon Kunsthalle for an English sign-up form ( The registration fee is W10,000.

The flea market is usually held the first Saturday of every month from 8 pm – 12 am. 02-3447-1191

Directions: Come out of Hakdong Stn. (line 7, ex. 10) and head toward Dosan Park. Platoon is a 10-minute walk away, just across from Nanumi Hospital.