Pass Me Some Jazz

Pass Me Some Jazz: The Real Group Live in Seoul

All the choral music nerds out there will probably find themselves cringing from head to toe when someone’s first response to ‘a cappella music’ lands somewhere along the lines of “Oh, so like Glee? or Pitch Perfect?!”.


Excuse our not being very obliging if you happen to be one of the lovely people mentioned above – after all, it is true that the songs in the popular musical films are sometimes pretty cool and catchy.

However, if you did think that the songs they sing in Glee or Pitch Perfect were pretty awesome, it’s time for you to be introduced to The Real Group — the groundbreaking a cappella group performing in Seoul on the 14th of September.

(Pure a cappella magic)
The Real Group has gained worldwide popularity since their debut in 1984, and while it’s of course not their first visit to Korea, it’s definitely not an everyday opportunity to be able to experience them live and see them celebrate their 30th anniversary together.
Also, this incredible vocal arrangement of The Real Group’s “Pass Me the Jazz” is to be included their concert repertoire this time!


(And just in case you end up completely mesmerized, there is more quality a cappella coming your way along with The Real Group this time, with the American group Naturally 7 coming to Seoul in October.)