Monthly 10: August

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1. August 1st – August 3rd

Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival

Photo courtesy of Sharon Heit

Hear great rock bands on multiple stages. Over 60 bands will take the stage at this major outdoor music festival. Korean and international artists to perform. Lineup includes Kasbian, Travis, and Thornapple. Camping available. Tickets available online in English at Geunrin Park. 10 am. W110,000 – W187,000. Camping W15,000.

2. August 15th – August 16th

Super X Summer Festival

Photo courtesy of Super X Summer

This is the first all-day poolside party to hit Korea. Held at the Walkerhill River Park, it will feature headliners Paris Hilton and “Taboo” from the Black Eyed Peas. Other guests include DJs from the IBIZA Amnesia World Tour and the Matinee Summer Festival. Walkerhill River Park. 11 am – 3 am. W160,000 (1-day pass with 3 drink coupons). W300,000 (2-day pass with 6 drink coupons).

3. Through August 31st

Summer Splash Fantastic Summer Night

Summer Splash & Fantastic Summer Night is one of Everland’s major summer festivals. With 250 tons of water splashed about, visitors might want to prepare a raincoat. Bring your own water pistols for the Splash Parade. Visitors can also enjoy the Madagascar Lighting Show, the Summer Night Jukebox, and the Night Safari Adventure during the festival. Everland Resort. Times vary according to schedule. W46,000 (1-day pass)., 031-320-5000

4. Through August 3rd

Sacheon International Percussion Festival

Photo courtesy of Sacheon International Percussion Festival

Led mostly by professor Choi Jong-shil, the pioneer of Samulnori (traditional Korean percussion), this festival is the nation’s first festival devoted to the drum and its musicians. This four day festival will be held to promote the excellence of Samcheonpo Korean farm music. During the festival, visitors can learn all about traditional percussion music from around the world and experience traditional Korean folk cultures. Sacheon has great tourist attractions like Samcheonpo Bridge, Namildae Elephant Rock, Bongmyeong Mountain, and Dasolsa.  Enjoy performances at the Opening Ceremony, International Percussion Festival, National Percussion Performance Contest, Fringe Performances, Exhibition & Experience Programs, and Jinju & Samcheonpo Nongak (farmer’s percussion) Concert. Programs are subject to change. Samcheonpo Bridge Park. Times vary according to schedule. Free., 055-835-6493~7

5. August 1st – August 7th

Jeongnamjin Jangheung Water Festival

Photo courtesy of Jeongnamjin Jangheung Water Festival

Jangheung is a small county in Jeollanam-do located near Boseongman Bay. Jangheung Dam and Tamjingang River meet here to create a large lake. Unlike conventional festivals with exhibits, performances and shows, the Jeongnamjin Water Festival tries to offer something different by having summer and water-themed events where visitors can enjoy a multitude of fun, and exciting summer games and activities. Also enjoy a healing health camp, woodland woodcraft experience class, woodcraft exhibition, and more. Open to all ages. Jangheung Tamjingang River and Pyeonbaek Forest Woodland. 7 pm. Admission prices TBA., 061-860-0380

6. August 28th – August 31st

Yeongdong Grape Festival


Photo courtesy of Yeongdong Grape Festival
Photo courtesy of Yeongdong Grape Festival

Yeongdong in southern Chungcheongbuk-do Province is the largest producer of grapes in Korea. Every year, Yeongdong hosts a festival where visitors can come and pick grapes. Visitors can also make different types of food with grapes such as wine, chocolate, rice cakes and more. Enjoy relaxing and the beautiful scenery of Yeongdong. It is a perfect opportunity to experience grapes with all five, 043-744-6492

7. August 28th – September 1st

Chungju World Martial Arts Festival

Photo courtesy of Chungju World Martial Arts Festival

This festival showcases various martial arts from around the world. First see “World’s Martial Arts and Culture,” showcasing demonstrations of Taekkyeon, Taekwondo, and Hapkido by Korea’s traditional martial arts groups. Martial artists from 16 nations have been invited to the festival, and will be taking part in demonstrations and performances. Programs have been prepared for non-Korean speakers. Chungju World Martial Park. Times vary. Free.

8. August 14th – August 19th

Jecheon International Film & Music Festival

This is the first festival in Korea to celebrate films with the theme of music. Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (JIMFF) hopes to expand the new film genre and contribute to the diversification of film festivals. The main program shows music-themed films and documentaries from around the world, while live music is featured on multiple stages. Megabox Jecheon, Jecheon Media Center. Show schedule varies. W6,000 – W20,000.

9. August 13th – August 17th

Bucheon International Comics Festival

The festival features the International Kids Cartoonist Competition, Digital Fair, Contents Fair and various exhibitions and seminars. There will also be presentations on comic book spin-off industries with related exhibitions and hands-on events. Meet world-renowned comic book writers. Don’t miss the chance to shake hands with your favorite cartoonist or even get an autograph. Open to all ages. Korea Manhwa Museum in Korea Manhwa Contents Agency (KOMACON)., 032-310-3071

10. August 8th – August 11th

Korea Music Festival

Held in Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do, the annual Korea Music Festival is one of Korea’s leading music festivals. First started in 2004, the festival continues to feature the latest in Korean music with plenty of performances from Kpop to trot. Cheongchoho Lake. Performance schedule varies. Free.