MOGO Meal Kit Food Delivery Review

Mogo is a company that creates a variety of healthy “food kits” that one can make at home. Its creators saw a need to better suit the lives and eating habits of busy people who still wanted healthy, real food.

“In today’s modern age, people are very busy. Sometimes shopping for individual ingredients, preparing them, then cooking them isn’t possible. We at Mogo experienced this countless times, but in these situations our only choices were limited to unhealthy delivery food or pre-packaged foods loaded with extremely unhealthy chemicals, artificial colours and flavours, preservatives and highly processed ingredients. This got us thinking about how we could make things better. Better for consumers and better for the world.” – Mogo

Here was our take on Mogo’s food kits.

Texas Chili

The Texas Chili was surprising to me, you would think a vegetarian chili dish wouldn’t taste very good. Yet somehow you can still feel the texture of real chili. The lentils are the power behind the meaty texture, when cooked right and close your eyes its a little tough to know the difference with everything else mixed together.

The spices involved are all high quality ingredients so the flavors are all there. We all know a chili tastes better the longer you cook it, but for the people needing something quicker this is it.

The only downside to the chili was the lack of beans, in my opinion a chili needs some beans in it for that different mouthfeel or else its more of a type of meat sauce. This is a good option for vegetarians that want to feel like they’re eating meat but not actually eating it.

Cincinnati Spaghetti

The Cincinnati Spaghetti was unexpectedly good in my opinion – especially considering that the sauce was completely made from spices and dry ingredients with no fresh tomatoes. The dish was fully vegetarian as well, which I thought would make the spaghetti less filling – but the meal was a lot heartier than expected.

The ingredients were really top quality and the variety of things Mogo included was impressive. If you can’t cook and like the idea of putting everything in a pot and waiting it out, then I recommend this dish – it’s really hard to mess it up.

My only real criticism would probably be that the dish’s cooking time was longer than I expected it to be – it took me around 30-40 minutes from start to finish to make the dish. That’s around how long it would take to make any dish from scratch at home. But, really, if you’re looking for something simple to throw together and eat with minimal work, an extra 20 minutes from your day really doesn’t amount to much.

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