Local Foreign Artists Take on Korea

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Shots courtesy of SeMA
Shots courtesy of SeMA

The Seoul Museum of Art has invited thirteen artists from ten different countries to come together for the exhibition, Universal Studios Seoul. Whether you have lived in Korea for six months or six years, there is a defining impact that being in this culture has on any individual. This is no less true than on the creative minds of artists. Each artist’s perception of Korea has changed and thus, the work they produce takes on new meaning.

The first piece of art one encounters when entering the exhibition hall is “Chromatophobia,” which can be defined as having an abnormal level of fear towards money. Artist Tallur L.N.’s giant wooden “seesaw” has silver and bronze Korean coins nailed into it, showing that capitalism can be undone in a singular swing of a hammer. Unfortunately, nailing a coin to the log and making a wish is no longer permitted. For this piece, the artist took inspiration from his Indian culture and applied some “Koreanism” to it.

Shots courtesy of SeMA

Oliver Griem’s multimedia installation is definitely a piece worth remembering. In the middle of his allocated space is a rotating spotlight, and scattered throughout are 3D printed figures. Each time the light moves and shines on a particular figure, the static nature of the item appears to come alive by the shadows it casts on the walls behind. Together with this movement, sound clips can be heard in the background. The way in which Griem is able to tell a story through lights, shadows, and sounds is truly amazing.
Universal Studios Seoul at SeMA runs everyday except Mondays, until August 10th and admission is free. For more information visit their website.

Shots courtesy of SeMA
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