Linus’ BBQ Restaurant Review

After popping up all over Seoul for years, Linus and his pulled pork have finally settled down at the new Linus’ BBQ.

Real BBQ

Merriam-Webster may say “barbecue” is “to broil or roast over an open fire,” but for aficionados what we typically do with our Weber and Kingsford on weekends is not BBQ.

To a real connoisseur, to barbecue you must cook a) on indirect heat b) with a “high-smoke fuel” and c) very, very slowly. Dropping samgyeopsal on top of fiery-hot charcoal is what they would call “grilling.”

One of those barbecue true believers has been creating long lines at pop-up events all over Seoul for a few years now. He has now finally brought his slow-cooked smoky goodness to the schedule-hindered masses with his new restaurant, Linus’ BBQ, located in Itaewon down the stairway to the left of the McDonald’s.

Linus' BBQ, patio, Itaewon, Seoul

Linus’ Atmosphere

Walk down those stairs and down the hallway in the early evening and you’ll emerge to see a huge open patio area packed with people. Head inside to find staff to be seated, and you’ll see a big, classic bar to belly up to. The interior is heavy on a dark walnut wood, giving the whole place a rustic feel, fitting perfectly with the cuisine. The whole staff at Linus’ BBQ speaks English, with many native English speakers on hand too.

Linus’ FoodSeoul, barbecue, Linus' bbq, Itaewon

Your main choices are between brisket, pulled pork or pork ribs. There are also plenty of classic barbecue sides like baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw and mac & cheese. We started out with a deep fried rib, which provided nice a nice taste, but at W7,000 for a single rib, it was a little steep and I prefer the sauce-coated barbecued version for sure.

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Linus' bbq, barbecue, Seoul, ItaewonFor the main we chose the “For Twos” platter (W27,000), which offers up ample helpings of both the brisket and pulled pork along with three sides and 4 dinner rolls – and added fries too.

Both meats are the kind of tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture that can only come from long hours of slow cooking with plenty of moisture. This is real barbecue. The sides are just what you would expect and compliment nicely. This is definitely the specialty at Linus’ BBQ.

mac and cheese, balls, Itaewon, Seoul, Linus' bbqIn the end, we couldn’t resist ordering the Mac & Cheese Balls (W5,000) too. I’ll be eating salads for dinner this week to make up for it, but they were a fun, crunchy and delicious experience and one you’ll only find at Linus’ place.


Price: ₩₩

Thumbs up:  Real BBQ

Thumbs down: Limited Menu

English: Yes

Address: 56-20 Itaewon 1-dong, Yongsan-gu

Phone: 790-2920


Vegetarian Friendly?: No

Smoking: No

Handicap Accessible: Yes, from the rear entrance

Reservations: Recommended