KakaoMap App Now Has English Language Support Feature

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Popular Korean navigation app KakaoMap has recently undergone an update adding an English Language support feature. KakaoMap adding this English Language support feature is great in providing navigation to those in Korea who are unfamiliar with the Korean language: whether that be expats, tourists or otherwise.

In KakaoMap you can now change your preferred language from Korean to English, and search for locations in English. Kakao have been slowly integrating English accessibility into many of their apps, from their free messaging app, to their rideshare app.

How to Add the KakaoMap English Language Feature

(Note: when you first download the app, it will automatically be set to Korean. See below for instructions on how to change the Settings in your KakaoMap app to English.)

 1 . Via ‘Menu’, Find ‘Settings’

KakaoMap App Now Has English

2 . Once in Settings, find ‘App Settings’ then ‘Language’

KakaoMap App Now Has English

3 . Change Language from ‘Korean’ to ‘English’

KakaoMap App Now Has English

How It Works

So once you have changed your App Settings to be in English, you will notice the user interface of the KakaoMap App is now in English. This is useful for looking at the Subway Map (now in English), changing various Settings in the App with ease, and adding Favorites (e.g. Home, Work) into your navigation system.

Another big change for the app is that you can now search for places in English. For instance, if you are looking for a Starbucks, or a 7/11, or if you want directions to a place (e.g. Itaewon), you can now type what you need into the search bar and KakaoMap will generate the results for you.

KakaoMap App Now Has English

While you can search in the App using English, the results that are provided to you are in Hangeul. Below the Hangeul, the App shows an approximate distance away and you can select a walking, public transport, cycling or driving route.

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Another useful feature is one that pops up if you press on the Search Bar. There are a number of choices, ‘Food’, ‘Subway’, ‘Bank’ and ‘Coffee’ to name a few. If you select any of these, a list will pop up with the nearest places under this category. So if you and a friend cannot decide where to eat, why not try your luck with this KakaoMap feature?

KakaoMap is free to download for both iOS and Android devices on the App Store and Google Play.

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