Jeju: Fighting with Furey

Jeju Furey: two words that are well-known on Jeju Island. Almost any Westerner you meet will tell you that they are actively involved in Jeju Furey events. So what exactly is it all about?

Words by Mary Rager 

Shots by Mary Rager (top) and Alpha Newberry (bottom)

The Jeju Furey Foundation and its events began in the spring of 2009 when Jeju’s expats lost one of their own, Nathaniel Furey, in what appeared to be a case of encephalitis. The close-knit foreigner community on Jeju immediately began looking for ways to help Nathan’s sons and wife with post-secondary education expenses for the future. Beginning with auctions, donations, and smaller events, Jeju Furey events have boomed into eagerly anticipated and highly attended events. With over W31,000,000 raised so far, the Furey Foundation is now reaching out to help other less-fortunate families on the island. Currently, the Furey Foundation is assisting a 78-year-old local woman who is raising her two grandsons on her own on less than W500,000 a month.

Want to help out (while having fun)? The next big event will be the Jeju Furey Beach Volleyball 6 (BVB6) in October. Teams of six (three guys and three gals) will compete against each other in an incredible two-day tournament. The tournament will be held from October 8th to 9th at Iho Beach in Jeju City. Every volleyball tournament is full of sun, wonderful people, and great food with all the proceeds going to charity. Plus there are teams of all skill levels, so it’s okay to sign up even if you’ve never touched a volleyball before. Can’t get your friends to come to the beautiful island of Jeju for a great weekend? That’s okay, too. Sign up on your own, and Dan Nabben, the organizer, will set you up with a team.

To find out more information about Jeju Furey BVB6 or to keep posted on other exciting Furey events (including badminton, ultimate Frisbee, boat parties, and bowling) look for “Jeju Furey Beach Volleyball 6” or “Jeju Furey” on Facebook.