If you are looking for a casual French dining experience, look no further. Routine, located in a small alley right across the Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, is the perfect place to go for a casual date. Their dishes are homemade and they offer 20 different kinds of wine, each at a price of KRW 38,000. What’s even more impressive is that there is a specific type of wine — KRW 5,000 per glass — recommended for each dish.


Routine, French Restaurant in Itaewon, wine, garlic bread

Routine has been on our must-try list because we love visiting cozy places with open layouts. We called up the place to check if there were any available seats since the place has a relatively small number of tables, and were lucky to get a seat on the first floor by the small terrace in no time. Get a seat on the first floor if you can — the second floor is too dark with no windows.


Routine, French Restaurant in Itaewon, pasta, Hannam-dong
Glasses of chardonnay and craft beer were served as we waited for our order: shrimp bisque pasta and poulet cassoulet with a side of garlic bread. The pasta was very thick, rich, and creamy, generously piled with shrimp and mussels. The cassoulet, which is Routine’s signature dish, is a slow-cooked chickpea, tomato, and sausage stew served with chicken drumsticks. We ended up ordering even more garlic bread to dip in the hearty sauce. The camembert gratin and pork roast is definitely on our shortlist for the next visit.

Address: 682-12 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul (near Hangangjin station)
Phone: 02-790-6686
Hours: 11:30 – 00:00 (closed on holidays)