The I.Seoul.U Meme Has Begun

I. Seoul. U. Best meme

Here comes the internet!

The I.Seoul.U meme has begun.  As we reported yesterday, “I. Seoul. U.” was named Seoul’s new brand by the Seoul Metropolitan Government at a ceremony held on Wednesday night. Not surprisingly, it wasn’t long before social media sunk it’s teeth into the catch phrase:

I. Seoul. U. Pants...

There were those who really got in the swing of things, summing up what a lot of potential foreign tourists think Korea is all about:

I Seoul U Snoop Psy

While others totally nailed the internet’s favourite pop culture references:

I. Seoul. U. find you

Yup, nailed it:

I. Seoul. U. Ralph

Others kept things high brow and stuck to more refined topics — like politics:

I. Seoul. U. Korean Business men

Others made their own suggestions:

I Seoul U Han Solo

While there were those who opted to suggest just a few subtle amendments to the new slogan:

I. Seoul. U. George Takei

Others decided the new slogan spelt nothing but good times, like this advertising mastermind:

I. Seoul. U. Tree

Or this insightful Facebook user:

I. Seoul. U. Sojo

While not exactly a meme, some took the chance to challenge other overseas tourist destinations to step up their own PR game:

I. Seoul. U. Bangkok

Some just came right out and said it. But that’s ok, we’re all friends here:

I. Seoul. U. Myself

For those who are all too familiar with the heartache of unrequited Seoul, the new slogan really touched a nerve:

I. Seoul. U. Awkward

Some fought fire with fire and pitted the weird against the weirder:

I. Seoul. U. Conan

Ah, the internet. Don’t ever change.