Hard Rock Cafe’s Tasty World Burger Tour 2016

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Disclaimer: This article will make you hungry.

Have you heard of this mouth-watering event? The Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour features deliciously unique burgers from all around the globe. Try these legendary burgers at the Hard Rock Cafe Seoul and Hard Rock Cafe Busan. Tour your tastebuds around the globe until June 30.

Take a look at these photos of delicious diverse burgers….yum.

Giardiniera Deli Burger from Chicago, Illinois USA

Lots and lots of meat and melted provolone cheese.burgers-chicago

 Satay Burger from Singapore, Singapore

Asian peanut sauce and fresh cucumber wrapped in a sweet and tangy flavor.


England Breakfast Burger from London, England

The perfect brinner (breakfast + dinner) combination.

Kimchi Burger by Busan, South Korea

A lot of delicious kimchi srirach-seasoned & bulgogi sauce with fresh tomato and lettuce.

When In Rome Burger from Rome, Italy

Don’t miss the flavor of ricotta cheese and crispy arugula.burgers-rome

Tandoori Chicken Burger by Mumbai, India

The name speaks for itself! Monterey jack cheese in a burger that’s light and tasty.

Tango Salsa Burger from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Andouille sausage and monterey jack cheese for some spicy goodness.

Aloha Burger from Honolulu, Hawaii

Shake it up with some pineapple and spam.


Select burgers available at your local Hard Rock Cafe. Check out ALL the burgers of the World Burger Tour. Use the #WorldBurgerTour hashtag to connect with the World Burger Tour!WBT_Local_Honolulu_500x500FBoost


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