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Words and shots by Kyle Burton

Heading to the coast for a relaxing beach holiday is a great option for those who have the time, but if you’re too busy for a getaway than look no further than the heart of Seoul.

At the Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon you’ll find a daily rooftop pool party that has gained popularity with partygoers in recent years. The taste of a cold pint of draft beer and the smell of barbequed burgers will arouse nostalgia of your favorite hometown diversions. Order a mouth-watering hickory bacon cheeseburger or club sandwich served with fries for W10,000 and a bottle of Cass for W4,000.

Mix the food and beverage service with hot DJ beats to groove to and fine eye candy to look at and you’ve got yourself the best daytime party around. These are the features that set this place apart from the cluster of public pools lining the Han River not to mention the absence of screaming children!

Even though the pool is big enough for splashing around, you will notice that the real entertainment comes in the form of girls dancing in high heels and guys flexing their tattooed muscles. To get a preview, check out one of the many popular YouTube videos taken at the event.

Directions: Head to Itaewon Stn. (line 6) and walk out exit 3 to find the Hamilton Hotel directly to your right. The pool is on the 5th floor. 02-794-0171

Look Before You Leap
– Arrive early to guarantee a lounge chair or at least some floor space as this place gets packed fast!
– Admission is W12,000 Mon – Thu (10 am – 6 pm) and W16,000 Fri – Sun and holidays (10 am – 8 pm).
– Towels and lockers are available for a small fee.
– The pool is closed on rainy days.

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Will 2014-07-23 14:33:31

Well, that picture doesn't show very many of the hot women that are often there. When I went there last year, I found myself surrounded by sexy sun bathing women in bikinis.Most of the people there are in pretty good physical shape, so you may want to hit the gym a few times before going there.I hit on a few girls last time, but got politely turned down. I exit those rejections strategically by giving the girls a compliment on their beauty, which at least puts a smile on their face and leaves the door open in case we happen to meet again.Another strategy is to tell the girl she's cute and just ask for a number so you can buy them dinner or coffee some time later. After all they are probably there to hang out with their friends and may not be willing to leave their friends all of a sudden and spend all their pool time talking to some guy they just met.They serve food and alcohol at the restaurant, so having a beer or two does make things seem more fun, as well.

Buxton 2012-06-20 11:11:03

Yes, that picture was definitely taken on "No Koreans Allowed Day".

Kerry Kosakowski 2010-08-16 09:24:50

Yet another story about a bar, restaurant, or activity next to Itaewon Subway Station. The writers for this magazine love to write about things within 5 minute walking distance of Itaewon Station. It's called "being lazy."