Gangwon-do Cultural Day Trip

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Gangwon-do Cultural Day Trip

The Gangwon-do Cultural Day Trip will take you to historical and cultural sites amongst the sleepy villages, scenic mountains, and winding rivers of Gangwon province, about 3.5 hours from Seoul. At the first stop on the tour, learn all about Arirang music at the Arirang Learning and Preserving Center in Auraji Yeoryang. Arirang, a genre of Korean folk music, contains gentle and lyrical melodies about departures, reunions, sorrows, and joy. These songs were sung to reinforce establish respect and peace in social relations.

From there, it’s traditional bibimbap for lunch at famous restaurant Oaksanjang and on to Jeongseon to experience a traditional local market known for its mountain herbs. The last stop will be Jangneung, the tomb of the 6th king of the Joseon Dynasty, who was known as the king of misfortune. This UNESCO World Heritage site is surrounded by breathtaking scenery, fresh air, and is rich with gripping historical tales.

The ¾ day tour concludes with a bus trip back to Itaewon. This tour, hosted by The Senior Public Diplomacy Group of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, partnered with SIWA, is a generous opportunity to travel out of Seoul, experience Arirang, visit cultural sites, and take in the fall scenery at barely any cost to the participants. Bus transportation, lunch, and refreshments are included. All proceeds will go to the SIWA Welfare Fund.

Itaewon Station. 7 am – 7 pm. W5,000 – W15,000.,