The Four Day Weekend is Happening!

The Four Day Weekend is Happening!

The Friday that landed unceremoniously between Children’s Day (Thursday, 5 may) and what could have been a glorious 4-day long weekend has now been well and truly dealt with.

Reports began surfacing earlier this week that the Korean chamber of commerce and industry had suggested declaring the offending Friday a public holiday, sighting potential consumer dollars that a 4-day weekend could pump into the economy.

“The economic effect would be bigger than the government’s 2015 decision to declare Aug. 14 as a holiday,” it said in a statement.

Today the government announced that the 4-day weekend would be a reality! 

The holiday is mandatory for public workers but only applies to employees of private companies at their employers discretion (fingers crossed!), however the government has strongly recommended workers be allowed the day off! 

Also, baseball games will be 50% off and most highway tolls will be revoked over the course of the weekend.
Whilst it’s not exactly much time to get to work on planning a trip away, a 4 day weekend is welcome by us any day!  

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