Fly Seoul, Korea to Phuket, Thailand for KRW 300

Wooded bridge in the port between sunrise.

HK Express Offers Insane Deal on Seoul, Korea to Phuket, Thailand Flights

Can you fly out the first week of December? Like around the 5th – 9th? Then you could take advantage of one amazing deal. HK Express is practically giving away flights to Phuket, Thailand departing that week.

Budget Airline Fees & Surcharges

Yes, you’ll still have to buy a return ticket, and this is a bare-bones low-cost airline, so you’ll pay for every extra kilogram in your bag and your water during the flight. Taxes and surcharges alone on the KRW 300 flight ticket will take it up to KRW 70,000. But pick the right return day and you could still easily end up paying KRW 232,100 for a round-trip ticket to Southeast Asia after all taxes and surcharges. Or you could just stay in Thailand.

Who knows how long it will last, but here’s the screenshot:

Seoul, Korea, Thailand, Phuket, flight, Hong Kong, HK Express

And here’s the link to HK Express Airlines. Good luck!

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