Find Your Back Home Bar At Bull and Barrel In Itaewon

bull and barrel itaewon bar

Located on the newly developed side of Itaewon’s main road, B & B leads the way to one of a “Foodies’” favorite places to go. A Pub’s heart in a sports bar’s body.. This bar has something for everyone. Their menu ranges from appealing appetizers for the pecky to incredibly diverse pizza creations; massive double-fisted burgers like the “Alamo”, and Tex-Mex that even Donald Trump would head south of the border for.

Their bar is stocked with one of the largest collections of spirits and beers, and of course their infamous . A diverse selection of beers are provided on tap for the beer connoisseurs ranging from common domestics to crafts, like Evil Twin. Don’t like beer? Flip it, literally! B & B offers a selection of Beergaritas. These drinks will put you on your head.

bull and barrel itaewon bar

Originally a dart bar, B & B offers a floor of dart boards, pool table and foosball for the casual player or for parties looking to have a little fun. B & B has multiple screens for international sporting events and a warm hospitable staff to provide you with all you need. Open until late, B & B is there to satisfy all of your late night cravings..

Q. How Would You Identify Yourself?

A. We are a two-floor Bar and Restaurant, while providing a rooftop terrace that will be available this upcoming summer. We aim for a very casual and friendly atmosphere so that everybody feels welcomed. Our menu is quite diverse – although you may come often, you can try something new every time.

Q. What Are Your Specialties?

A. Our wings are to die for. We have the cheapest wing night in Itaewon. Our Alamo Burger is worth a visit on its own, and our fall-off-the-bone ribs will leave you stuffed and licking your fingers. Our extensive bar pulls in the most guests though. We provide an abundant selection of drinks for all types of patrons and because we are open late, provide drinks until late.

bull and barrel itaewon

Q. What Does Bull and Barrel Bring To Itaewon?

A. BnB provides a western atmosphere bar for people looking to experience something new for the Korean foodies, and something familiar for the Expats. BnB is a great location to sample western drinking culture and bring both sides of the world together.

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Q. Your Bar Selection Is Massive And Intimidating For Some. Could You Recommend a Drink That I Have To Try When I Visit?

A. It would have to be our Jarritos. They are delicious and pack the biggest punch for the amount of alcohol you get. It’s like a warm hug for your stomach, and liver..

Q. What Are You Most Proud of At Bull and Barrel?

A. I would have to say that we offer what travelers need. Providing great food, in a warm atmosphere, surrounded by very attentive staff. Over the years, we have formed the best environment to ease foreigners of their worries. Bull and Barrel provides a home away from home.

bull and barrel itaewon