Fabulous Is Coming To The ANZA Glitterati Charity Ball

Fabulous comes to Seoul on 29 April 2017 for the ANZA Glitterati Charity Ball. For one night only, The Diva’s will perform their electrifying musical show of high energy musical moments featuring some of Australia’s most iconic Glitterati!

Guests will be treated to fine dining, fine food, world-class entertainment and a chance to outbid their friends in an art auction featuring works from acclaimed Korean and Aboriginal artists, all for a good cause.

All proceeds from the ball goes towards Father Vincenzo’s Outreach bus for homeless teens, AGIT. It may be hard to believe but it is estimated, by the Korean government, that there are around 250,000 ‘run-away’ teens living in the outskirts of Seoul who do not live at home or go to school. Three nights a week, Vincenzo’s bus, goes out to find these children, to offer them hope and try to connect them with appropriate services.

On the bus, they can find anything from a haircut to a hot meal and this year, via the ball, ANZA Korea is aiming to raise 40 million KRW towards a three year funding project for a trained psychologist on the Bus. If the money raised helps a child get off the streets and back into school or employment then isn’t that worth its weight in gold?

The ANZA Charity Ball, to be held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, is widely regarded as one of the best black tie functions in Seoul and is expected to attract a crowd of 350-400 guests from the expatriate community, business leaders and our Korean friends. ANZA is seeking your support to spread the word about this standout event and we are hoping to get a mention in your events section.

Should you need any further information on the ball or the charity please do not hesitate to contact me. Please find the flyer attached and here is our webpage with a promotional video.

ANZA Korea is a 100% volunteer based, non-profit organisation which is committed to giving generously in our community, in particular, to Korean charities. The Charity Ball is ANZA’s major annual fundraiser and in 2016, ANZA Korea, with the help of our sponsors, raised over 110 million KRW for charity.

A huge success! Any additional funds raised from the ball will be distributed to other needy charities throughout the year.

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