English Expo Korea 2015

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English Expo Korea 2015English Expo Korea 2015

If you’re an English teacher in Korea, this event is for you. “English Expo 2015”, is a three-day event, from October 9-11, for those interested in English education. This includes students, parents, current English teachers, those seeking vocational training, directors of English institutes, overseas’ marketing employees, and others interested in the industry. The expo will touch on many aspects of English education including English institutes, online material, teaching materials, testing programs, international language programs, English camps, and publications.

This year’s expo, cohosted by KOTESOL IC., will feature 80 exhibitors and 140 booths, including major English institutions like YBM and ETS as well as prominent English lecturers. Attendees can expect to obtain useful information and gain insight into the current trends in English teaching and learning.

The English Expo ultimately seeks to improve the quality of English education by strengthening networks between governmental bodies and private educational sectors, and providing a business platform for exhibitors to build relationships with new and interested clients. It promotes progress through the exchange of information amongst experts in the field, current and future teachers, parents, and learners of English.


Coex. 10 am – 6 pm. W10,000. For more information visit exglishexpo.net, or call 02-6000-2500.

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