Sooknyo Salon | Jongno-gu, Seoul

Sooknyo Salon | Jongno-gu, Seoul

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Sooknyo Salon

Despite being called “Salon”, it is a cafe and pub! Sooknyo Salon serves from coffee, bakery, to wine and beer. This old-fashioned brick house offers you a warm, cozy, and comfortable environment for you to enjoy your day sipping your drink and live in the moment. It was also used as a filming location for Korean’s band “Day 6” in their “Better Better” music video, too. According to every review, they have a “perfect decoration”.


  • Various Coffee Selections
  • Tiramisu Panner (Signature)
  • Pride of Sooknyo (Signature Cofee)
  • Milk Tea
  • Green Yuzu Ade
  • Bottle Beer / Craft Beer
  • Wine
  • Cocktail & Whiskey
  • Sooknyo Castella (Signature Bakery)
  • So Earlgrey Madeleine

How to get there

To get to Ikseon-dong is to get off at Jongno 3 ga station and the closest exit would be 4 & 6

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