Maehyangi Nejumak | Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Maehyangi Nejumak | Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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Maehyangi Nejumak is an old-school Korean makgeolli bar (suljip) located in the heart of Gangnam. The classic, slightly tacky decorations make up the charm and the atmosphere of the place, while the wide variety of items on the menu keep the customers happy throughout a night out with friends or coworkers. Although their style is classic, some of the menu items show some creativity. It’s one of the gem bars usually unknown to foreigners.


Ordering the classic makgeolli at this bar is the best, but if you’re not very much into that, they also have lots of fruity options, such as blueberry, banana, grapefruit, and grapes makgeolli. You can pair your drink nicely with some of their special jeon/pancakes such as the kimchi bacon pancake or the potato cheese pancake. Check out their Instagram page here to get some more inspiration for ordering.

maehyangi nejumak
Credits to @maehyang16 (Instagram)

How to get there

Get off the subway at Exit 11 of Gangnam Station (Line 2 or Sinbundang Line) and go straight, then take the second right (by Megabox City). Keep walking until you see “매향이네주막” on a classic-looking door on your left.

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