Busan National University Hospital | Seo-gu, Busan

Busan National University Hospital | Seo-gu, Busan

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The international Health Center of Pusan National University Hospital has been providing medical services since 2012 to local foreign residents and tourists. The IHC provides convenient one-stop service including various services such as primary consultation, secondary consultation, regular check-up, special test request and vaccination. The IHC updates its operational system regularly in order to provide the best medical services, while meeting the expectations of patients and keeping up with current international standard.

In IHC of Pusan National University Hospital there are coordinators who take full charge of international medical service including interpretation and consultation during whole treatment processes (reservation, consultation, payment, examination and prescription).

  • By using customized service for foreign patients, the center provides swift treatments, test and preparation of results and also accommodates the opinion of the patients.
  • Support with issuance of documents in English
  • Provides 24 hours emergency English phone services to handle emergency situations at all times.