Busan Fam Tour Medical Tour and Vacation

Join 2021 Busan Fam Tour, a medical tour AND vacation supported and organized by Busan and U-MEDI. Throughout the two days (October 26th – 27th, 2021), you will have the chance to participate in different programs that will benefit your health, will help you relax and will provide lots of fun, all in the beautiful city of Busan.

Travel Program and Itinerary

The trip includes three main programs: “Health Up”, “Relax Up” and “Fun Up”. Have a look at the image below for the full schedule of the 2-day trip from Pyeongtaek to Busan:

busan fam tour u-medi

Registration and Fees

Registration in this program is free and can be done HERE.

For more information on the trip, check out U-MEDI‘s Facebook group HERE.