Jinju Namgang Yudeung (Lantern) Festival

Jinju Namgang Yudeung (Lantern) Festival is considered one of the most famous lantern festivals in South Korea. Celebrated on the city of Jinju, you will be able to see Namgang River from a new different perspective. For two weeks there will be multiple events including the Citizens’ Lantern Street Parade, water fireworks, hanging of wishing lanterns, floating lanterns, the reenactment of Yudeung of Memory Floating, and various light exhibitions showcasing Korea’s beautiful craftsmanship which you can enjoy with your partner, family, and friends.  You can even purchase online your own lantern and choose in between a list of wishes and prayers, and then once you attend the festival be able to see your lantern hanged out with the others.


1st – 13th October 2019


Areas of Jinju Namgang River and Jinjuseong Fortress

How to Get There

Address: Jinju Namgang River Area,626, Namgang-ro, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

  • Intercity Bus: Take a bus from Seoul Nambu Terminal to Jinju Intercity Bus Terminal