Jarasum Jazz Festival

Jarasum Jazz Festival is an event which has been held for already 16 years on Jarasum (Turtle Island). The main purpose of this festival is to create a space where, for 3 days, people can celebrate and enjoy jazz music as well as other subcategories such as swings, fusion, bossa nova, bebop, and world music. Jarasum Jazz Festival is a great opportunity for learning more about the musical genre and discovering new artists.


4th – 6th October 2019

Booking tickets & Price

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50,000 won

55,000 won


80,000 won


100,000 won

1-day youth

35,000 won

40,000 won

*Over 65-year-old, disabilities, preschoolers, elementary school students: Free


Jara Island (Jarasum), Gapyeong-gun,

How to Get There

  • ITX train
    • Yong-san Station → Gapyeong Station: 60 minutes (KRW 5,900)
      Cheongnyangni Station → Gapyeong Station: 50 minutes (KRW 4,800)
  • Gyeongchum-Line Subway

    • Sangbong Station (Bound for Chuncheon) → Gapyeong Station: 50~60 minutes (About KRW 2,000 / proportional to traveling distance)
  • Bus

    • No. 7000: From Jamsil Station to Gapyeong Bus Terminal
    • No. 1330-2: From Cheongnyangni Station Transfer Bus Stop to Gapyeong Bus Terminal
    • Intercity Bus :
      • From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Gapyeong Bus Terminal
      • From Gapyeong Bus Terminal to Dong Seoul Bus Terminal

For more information on how to get there, check out the official website