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Seomjingangbank Cherry Blossom Festival

Along the banks of the Seomjin River, flowing around Muncheok Township, Gurye-gun, cherry trees stretch for some 11km. Golden bell flowers are planted together along the cherry blossom path, and when the cherry trees blossom, the landscape is covered with whites, yellows, greens and blue, creating a unique view second to none. Located close to Mt. Osan on the foothills of Mt. Baekunsan, and the legendary Saseongam hermitage, the festival attracts numerous visitors every year. The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime affairs named the cherry tree path one of Korea’s 100 most beautiful roads. The Seomjin Riverbank Cherry Blossom Festival is held during Spring when the cherry trees are in full blossom.


March 30 to 31, 2019.


  • Various Performances
  •  Concert
  • Walking down cherry blossom path

How to get there

Gurye Public Bus Terminal in direction of Jukma, Muncheok Township or Donghae village (approx. 10min trip)

For more information

Telephone Inquiries : Gurye-gun Cultural Tourism Office +82-61-780-2227Visit their website in: English, Korean