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Boseong Green Tea Festival 2019

The Boseong Green Tea Festival is a hot summer event for locals, though it remains largely unknown to many foreign travelers. The Boseong Tea Plantation, open since 1957, is the only tourist tea plantation in Korea and is well-known for its spectacular teas and breathtaking tea fields that stretch across 5,000,000㎡ of land. The Boseong Green Tea Festival, which takes place every May when the leaves are greenest, hosts a variety of tea events such as a ritual to the Tea God to pray for good harvests, tea leaf-picking, making tea, and tea ceremonies. Here, you can also enjoy tea-inspired dishes such as green tea ice cream and green tea infused bibimbap (비빔밥).


May 02-May 06, 2019


3,000 KRW (adult) /  / Free admission for children aged 7 and under

How to get there

Address: Boseong Tea Plantation, 775 Nokcha-ro, Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do To get there, you can either go by car, plane, bus or train. By train, take the KTX from Seoul Station to Gwangju Station for 1h45 then take the train to Boseong Station for 1h15. You will have then to take a bus to reach the tea plantation. To find more information on transportation, check this link.