Hallasan Mountain | Jeju-si, Jeju-do

Hallasan Mountain | Jeju-si, Jeju-do

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One of Jeju’s seminal landmarks, the crater lakes of Hallasan’s peak are  a must do on the island. A relatively easy trail to hike with well marked paths, the 10km trip is possible to complete in a day hike.

A favorite amongst scientists and researchers, the mountain is famous for its “vertical ecosystem” – a result of the scale and variation of temperatures along the mountain side that results in over 1,800 kinds of plants and 4,000 species of animals (3,300 of which are insects) inhabiting the mountain and its various environments.

Make sure to be adequately prepared as the weather is changeable, also hiking is only allowed during daylight hours, so make sure to budget time accordingly!

Hiking Course

  • Seongpanak Trail: Seongpanak → Dongneung Peak9.6 km / 4 hrs 30 mins each way
  • Eorimok Trail: Eorimok → Nambyeok Bungijeom  6.8 km / 3 hrs each way
  • Eoseungsaengak Trail:  Eorimok → Eoseungsangak Peak 1.3 km / 30 min each way
  • Yeongsil Trail:  Yeongsil – Nambyeok Bungijeom 5.8 km / 2 hrs 30 mins each way
  • Gwaneumsa Trail: Gwaneumsa Temple – Dongneung Peak 8km / 5 hrs each way