Paradise Casino Jeju Lotte | Lotte Hotel, Jeju Island

Paradise Casino Jeju Lotte | Lotte Hotel, Jeju Island

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Paradise Casino Jeju Lotte – Jeju Island, South Korea

Paradise Casino Jeju Lotte is located in the Lotte Hotel in the Joongmoon Resort Complex, the biggest tourism complex of Jeju Island. The casino allows customers to enjoy various tourist attractions including nature and the culture of Jeju Island. Paradise Casino Jeju Lotte is one of the two casino branches on Jeju island, the other being Paradise Casino Jeju Grand, and one of the five overall casino branches in South Korea. 


Thankfully, Paradise Casino has no entry fee – admission is FREE. However, only foreigners who are 19 years old or older are allowed in. So remember to bring your passport to verify your age and nationality. The casino has no dress code, but it’s best to keep it classy by dressing modestly. Also, it’s important to note that cameras, electronic devices, and metal objects are prohibited from the casino. You can read more about their rules here.

Games; Black Jack, Roulette, Poker

Games that are always found on the spacious casino level include baccarat, blackjack, and roulette with an occasional rotation of such popular games as Tai Sai, poker, and Casino War. There are also 20 slots and video machines in a well arranged area offering its own exciting possibilities. The majority of gaming tables are devoted to baccarat and 2 VIP rooms are provided with complimentary buffet and other amenities.

Dining & Restaurants

At the Paradise Casino Jeju Lotte, dining options are first class with upscale restaurants and exciting dinner shows to enjoy in between games. Restaurants include the Peninsula Italian Restaurant, The Mugunghwa Korean Restaurant, the Momoyama Japanese Restaurant, and the Garden Buffet.


The casino hosts about 20 different events yearly including the baccarat contest, golf tournaments, dinner shows, and sea food festivals to provide our guests with even more thrills and opportunities.

Next time you find yourself feeling lucky in Jeju Island, drop by Paradise Casino Jeju Lotte for a tropical entertainment experience.

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