Geumosan Mountain | Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Geumosan Mountain | Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

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Mount Geumosan (Geumosan Provincial Park)

Located in the city of Gumi, Mt. Geumosan is a provincial park – designated in 1970, which stands at a height of 976m.

The mountain features well maintained trails and circuit trails which encompass the main peak and includes major attractions such as a 27m high waterfall, a 2km-long fortress, Yaksaam Temple, a standing Buddha statue engraved on a rock wall, Haeunsa Temple, Doseongul Cave, Daehye Falls, and Chaemijeong Pavilion and beautiful views along the way.

Although the mountain is quite steep with a menacing face, Mt. Geumosan is an achievable peak for all types of hikers!

Geumosan Hiking Course

  • Course 1 (2 hr. 55 min.): Management Office → Daehyepokpo Falls → Naesong → Peak
  • Course 2 (3 hr. 20 min.): Management Office → Daehyepokpo Falls → Seongan → Peak
  • Course 3 (3 hrs.): Management Office → Beopseongsa Temple → Peak
  • Course 4 (4 hr. 30 min.): Natural Environment Studying Institute → Seongan → Peak

Getting There

By Car:
National Expressway 1 from Seoul to Busan passes right through the heart of Gumi City. Get off at Gumi IC and head straight for the mountain, which is signed all over Gumi. It’s a 10min drive from the IC, and the main road heads right up to Geumo-ji lake and the carpark.

By Bus:
Gumi City Bus number 12 heads up the mountain from Gumi station to Geumo land, and all places in between.

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