Paradise Casino Busan | Paradise Hotel, Busan

Paradise Casino Busan | Paradise Hotel, Busan

Things To Do In South Korea
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Paradise Casino Busan – Busan, South Korea

With the distinctive tourist attractions that only the seaport can provide, Paradise Casino Busan is hugely popular among all of its visitors. Paradise Casino Busan is located in Paradise Hotel by Haeundae Beach, the best tourist attraction in the city, allowing customers to enjoy the wide open sea. This beach-side casino is one of five overall Paradise Casino branches in South Korea. 


Admission is to the casino is FREE, although entrants must be over the age of 19. For those planning to bring their Koreans friends, it’s important to know that it’s illegal for Koreans to visit casinos. Yes, even in their own country. So count them out and enjoy the fun with some other international travelers instead. Remember to bring your ID card or passport for proof of age and nationality. The casino has no dress code, but it’s best to dress modestly. Also, it’s important to note that cameras, electronic devices, and metal objects are prohibited from the casino. You can read more about their rules here.

Games; Black Jack, Roulette, Poker

Games that are always found on the three casino levels include baccarat, blackjack, and roulette with an occasional rotation of such popular games as Tai Sai, poker, and Casino War. There are 148 tables of games in total, so enjoy the variety and switch it up!

Dining & Restaurants

At the Paradise Casino Busan, dining options are vast and varied with exciting dinner shows to enjoy in between games. Nearby restaurants include Namaste Haeundae, The Party Haeundae, and Wonjo Jeonbokjuk – all of which are in walking distance. And while you’re there, don’t miss out on the opportunity to taste Busan’s famous dishes, especially the seafood.

Events & Promos

The city of Busan is known for it’s stellar events that are very popular with tourists, like the Busan World Fireworks Festival, Busan International Film Festival, and Busan Tour by Yacht. So when you plan your trip to Paradise Casino Busan, be sure to line up with schedule with these events! The casino itself hosts a few promotional events, including a roulette event in which you can receive a Play Chips Coupon, and another called “Become Friends With Casino Manager” in which you befriend the casino manager on WeChat to receive various benefits.

Next time you find yourself in Busan, take a dip in Haeundae Beach and drop by Paradise Casino Busan for a gambling entertainment experience.

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