Geumjeongsan Mountain | Geumjeong-gu, Busan

Geumjeongsan Mountain | Geumjeong-gu, Busan

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Geumjeongsan Mountain (Busan National Geopark)

Geumjeong Mountain has historically been considered as a mountain conducive to the defense of the country. For this reason, Beomeosa, a leading temple believed to defend and protect the country, was built along Geumjeongsanseong Fortress, the nation’s largest fortress, built in The Three Kingdoms period.

Geumjeongsan Mountain contains Godangbong Peak, the main peak rising 801.5 meters above sea level, as well as Janggunbong Peak (727 meters) to the north, Sanggyebong Peak (638 meters) in the south, and Baegyang Mountain (642 meters) behind Seongjigok Valley.

The mountain is not startlingly tall, but has a graceful shape with dense forest and clear water fountains throughout the exquisite rocky cliffs, proudly representing itself as a famous mountain in Busan.

There are 14 mineral springs in Geumjeongsan Mountain. The springs are used by hikers and serve as a water source for people living nearby. With 2,300 types of trees and 600 or so types of animals, the mountain is a habitat for wild life.

Geumjeongsan Mountain Hiking Course

  • Course 1 (8 km, 3 hr 30 min): Busan Nat’l Univ. →  Gobyeoldae Cliffs →  Dongmun Gate →  Buchaebawi Rocks →  Bungmun Gate →  Geumjeongsan Mountain
  • Course 2 (7 km, 2 hr): Dongnae → Mandeokgogae Hill → Seokbulsa Temple → Sanggyebong Peak
  • Course 3 (6 km, 2 hr): Geumgang Park → Nammun Gate → Sanggyebong Peak
  • Course 4 (6 km, 2 hr): Busan Nat’l Univ. → Dongmun Gate → Sanggyebong Peak
  • Course 5 (6.5 km): Beomeosa Temple → Bungmun Gate → Dongmun Gate
  • Course 6: Botanical Garden → Dongmun Gate → Bungmun Gate → Beomeosa Temple
  • Course 7 (8 km, 2 hr 40 min): Jung-ri (Sanseongmaeul) → Gukcheongsa Temple → Bungmun Gate → Godangbong Peak

How To Get There

  • When using Beomeosa station (Busan subway line 1), get out from exit 5 or 7
  • Walk to Samsin bus stop and take bus no. 90 to Beomeosa temple ticket office

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