LetsRun Park | South Korea

LetsRun Park | South Korea

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As part of the KRA’s mission to promote horse racing and the livestock industry, it has been committed to the preservation of the Korean native pony, which is designated as the National Monument No. 347. There are three different LetsRun Park in South Korea in Jeju, Gwacheon, and Busan.LetsRun Park Jeju is equipped with one sand track. The circumference of the race track is 1,600 meter, and 20m in width. It has two grandstands accommodating 6,400 racing fans and the stable area can have more than 500 ponies. The Park has lots of attractions that capture people’s notice. Its features include horse zoological garden where visitors can see various breeds of horses from one of the smallest horses “Shetland Pony” to one of the biggest horses Clydesdale which weighs about one ton, children’s pony riding where people can experience the joy of riding and a “luck” theme house where people can see the symbols of fortune from all over the world. The racing days are on Friday and Saturday.LetsRun Park in Gwacheon was previously an Equestrian Park for the 1988 Summer Olympics. There are 2 sand tracks. The circumference of both the inner and outer track is 1,600m and 1,900m respectively. Both are 23m in width and widen to 30m in the home straight to accommodate a 450m run to the winning post. There are 2 grandstands in this LetsRun Park. Happy Ville can accommodate 35,000 people and Lucky Ville 42,000 people. Both grandstands are equipped with various facilities for the convenience of racing fans. There are 2 stable areas, Juam Stable Area houses about 700 horses and Sampo Stable Area houses about 600 horses. The Family Park is the park area inside the racetrack where visitors to the Seoul LetsRun Park can enjoy its many features including rose gardens, children’s pony riding, racing simulation machines and depending on the season, either wading pools in summer or skating rinks in winter. The Racing Days are on Saturday and Sunday.LetsRun Park Busan opened in September 2005. There are three sand tracks in the park. The circumference of inner and outer race tracks is 1,470m and 2,000m respectively, and 25m in width. Training track is 1,300m in length and 20m in width. The home straight has a 460m run to the winning post. There is 1 grandstand which accommodates 15,000 people and is equipped with various facilities for the convenience of racing fans. The stable area can accommodate about 1,000 horses. The Horse Theme & Riding Park is the area of the park where visitors will be able to enjoy its many features that horse-related exhibition and experience facilities. Currently, the features include children’s pony riding, racing simulation machines, children’s multi-entertainment area and the four season sled hill, which can be used in all seasons. The Racing Days are on Friday and Sunday.Opening Hours for LetsRun Park Jeju:Monday – Sunday: 9 am – 6 pm Opening Hours for LetsRun Park Busan:Monday – Friday: 10 am – 6 pmSaturday – Sunday: 9 am – 6 pm Opening Hours for LetsRun Park Gwacheon:Monday – Friday: 9 am – 6 pmSaturday – Sunday: 10:30 am – 6 pm 

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