GONGZI Casino | Jeju Island

GONGZI Casino | Jeju Island

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Gongzi Casino – Jeju Island, South Korea

Gongzi Casino Jeju opened its magnificent veil into the trial business. Opened in July 2017, the casino is located in Jeju Island’s first international five-star hotel – Jeju Ramada Hotel. Although Gongzi Jeju is one of the many casinos on the island, it is particularly popular with Chinese visitors. 

The luxurious and elegant facilities of the Gongzi Jeju Casino are presented with a uniquely Korean experience and will become a new landmark for Asian gaming and entertainment.

The Casino is surrounded by Jeju’s unique natural scenery and the unique internal design makes that every guest fascinated by the beauty of the interiors. Guests can enjoy the exciting entertainment atmosphere, or choose the exclusive VIP room pastime while enjoying the top global beauty dishes or the spectacular scenery.


Entry into the casino is limited to foreigners. This is because gambling in Korea is strictly regulated under Korean law. So if you were wanting to hit up the casino with your Korean friends, you might want to think again. Why not accompany your other international friends instead? And remember, only visitors who are 19 years old or older are allowed in. So don’t forget to bring your ID to verify your age and nationality.

Games; Black Jack, Roulette, Poker

With an area of 40,000 square feet, the casino counts a total of 40 tables and more than a dozen slot machines. It has 24 of slot, video poker, and multi-game machines, 45 table games. From reel slots to the newest video slot releases the game floor is always up to date.

Dining & Restaurants

Nearby restaurants include delicious Korean options like Long Distance Hyang, Sanho Jeonbok, Hwajin Abalone, and sea party. When you’re in Jeju, don’t miss out on the local dishes that are well known all around the country! A top recommendation is the sashimi or raw seafood called ‘hweh’ in Korean.

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