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Korea International School
(Seoul & Pangyo)

Korea International School (KIS) is known to many as one of the best international schools in Korea. This well-deserved reputation has been earned through a uniquely student-centered and visionary program. KIS was the first one-to-one laptop school in Korea and currently, every student from grades six through twelve has an Apple laptop, and every student in grades three through five has an iPad.

In addition, KIS offers a state of the art curriculum that integrates technology and real-world applications with every content area. Our students regularly produce professional caliber work. KIS provides a broad and balanced environment where children can grow into successful, confident, and influential adults. We are dedicated to helping all of our students realize their true potentials.

Students at KIS do not only excel in academics. The school is committed to a balanced program that allows students to discover their talents and strengths and grow as individuals. This balance results in excellence in all areas including the arts, academics, service, and leadership.

This is nurtured through an integrated club program which includes more than 70 clubs at the high school level alone; all students participate in clubs of their choosing under the guidance of professional teachers to explore music, leadership, service, athletics, philosophy, visual arts, and technology in ways that go far beyond the normal classroom experience. This is also true in the Middle School and in the Elementary School in the form of clubs and after-school programs.

KIS recognizes that success in life requires much more than just academic achievement and the development of skills. The school’s students attend many top tier universities, but that is not enough; the school actively promotes character, creativity, and citizenship that will set its students apart for the rest of their lives. Since the founding of the school, a goal of KIS has been to encourage its students to improve the world around them.

Korea International School has two campuses, one in the heart of Gangnam and one in Pangyo, just south of Seoul.

Contact Information

KIS Seoul (PK~G5)
Address : 408 Gaepo-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Contact information : [email protected]
Phone # : 02-3496-0510
KIS Pangyo (PK ~ G12)
Address : 27, Daewangpangyo-ro, 385beon gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Contact information : [email protected]
Phone # : 031-789-0505


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