Cheongna Dalton School | Seo-gu, Incheon

Cheongna Dalton School | Seo-gu, Incheon

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Cheongna Dalton School in Incheon, South Korea

Cheongna Dalton School and its sprawling campus provide students in Elementary School, Middle School, and High School access to a competitive private education. As an international academy, the school offers an American based academic curriculum for students who wish to pursue an education in the United States or other western universities.

The school is also the only international school certified for Korean academic accreditation by the Korean Ministry of Education. Cheongna Dalton School incorporates a world class education to prepare students not only for post-secondary education, but as global citizens ready to engage and thrive in a diverse and ever-changing world. 

The Cheongna Dalton School curriculum follows the “Dalton Plan”, a progressive educational framework. Students at the school are expected to learn through freedom, inquiry, and peer collaboration.

With its convenient location between the city hubs of Seoul and Incheon, Cheongna Dalton offers families an opportunity to send their children to a world-class boarding school located near the metropolis of Seoul as opposed to the Global Education City located in Jeju Island. 


Cheongna Dalton School is a co-educational international boarding and day school for students in Pre-K through grade 12. Boarding is provided for families who choose the option and each student accepted to the boarding program is provided with their own private room. Information on the admissions process can be found here

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A list of the teachers and staff at Cheongna Dalton School can be found here.

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