Chadwick International School | Songdo, Incheon

Chadwick International School | Songdo, Incheon

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Chadwick International School – Incheon, South Korea

Chadwick School has grown significantly since opening in 1935, but the legacy of its founder, Margaret Lee Chadwick, remains a driving force behind the school’s continued development. Now in its 75th year, Chadwick has more than 800 students in kindergarten through Grade 12 and has graduated more than 3,000 students.

One of Chadwick’s most significant milestones is the founding in 2010 of Chadwick International School in Songdo, South Korea, expanding opportunities for students around the globe to benefit from a world-class Chadwick education and become lifelong members of the Chadwick Community.


A guideline on admission policies can be found here.

Tuition & Fees

International schools tend to have higher tuition fees than private, national, or public schools. However, Chadwick International offers financial assistance for foreign (or international) students and need-based assistance to local families. A detailed guide to the school’s fees can be found here.


A comprehensive list of the school’s teachers and faculty can be found here.


Staying in touch with former classmates is a common practice in Korea, as there has many benefits to maintaining contact, including future networking. Information on the school’s graduates and alumnae can be found here.

Jobs & Employment

Interested in becoming a teacher at Chadwick International? Teaching at a renowned international school is a great choice for those seeking to elevate their career. Information about employment opportunities can be viewed here.