Spa / Massage

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Spa / Massage

Spa Land Centum City | Haeundae-gu, Busan

Spa Land is a traditional Korean spa located in the very heart of Busan's Centum City, inside one of the largest Shinsaegae shopping complexes in South Korea. It has natural spring water baths extracted from thousands of meters beneath, with individually themed rooms to suit every customer's needs, including the "Roman Sauna" and "Finnish Sauna". There are two stories filled with Korean traditional "jjimjil-bangs", saunas, foot spas, beauty salon services, PC rooms, saunas. 

The Spa in Garden 5 | Songpa-gu, Seoul

The Spa in Garden 5 is a spa, sauna and bath facility that offers 10 stories of relaxation and recreational activities for its guests. Its main facility is the traditional pine tree sauna and the pine tree furnace room, but it also offers an ice room, light and salt room, oxygen bathing room, atopy treatment room, red clay cave room, double layered flooring, a theatre, VIP rooms, as well as hotels for both men and women separately.