Cafe & Dessert

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Cafe & Dessert

The Min’s | Gangnam-gu, Seoul

The Min's cafe is an icon of Apgujeon, owned by member of former JYP group 2AM Changmin. This cafe has gained traction not just by Changmin himself, but also through the guests that often visit, including the members of BTS. All in all, it is a small cafe with open space to enjoy coffee, organic fruit juices, lemonades, red bean bread, green tea ice cream, yogurt and teas. It has a lot of natural light coming in as well, so it’s the perfect place to soak up some sun while studying, reading or chatting with friends. One of the walls hosts various memorabilia, including signed albums from many artists wishing the cafe well.

Mujabee | Yongsan-gu, Seoul

If you’re craving a strong latte alongside some idol cafe hunting, it’s vital that B-Bomb’s Mujabee appear on your list. This cafe may have no frills, but its contemporary interior and quality coffee is enough to attract anyone, not just fans of Block B as well. Overall, the cafe is the perfect spot to have a cup of coffee, meet with friends, study or buy some Mujabee merchandise. Many fans have had the opportunity to take some selfies with B-Bomb himself, too, who visits as often as his schedule allows.

Untitled 2017 | Seogwipo-si, Jeju

As well as G-Dragon paving a star-studded career at YG Entertainment, the multi-million dollar idol has also established his own brunch cafe at Jeju Shinhwa World. Alongside Jeju’s peaceful wind and waves, Untilted 2017 serves coffee, tea and bingsoo for waiting guests. There is an artistic flair to the cafe, with low hanging flower ornaments taking up most of the space and inviting guests to snap that perfect picture. Untitled 2017 is also where G-Dragon’s own fashion brand, PEACEMINUSONE, is exhibitioned.