Arte Resort Spa & Pool Villa | Sacheon, Gyeongsang Buk-do

Arte Resort Spa & Pool Villa | Sacheon, Gyeongsang Buk-do

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Sacheon’s Ocean-view Resort with a Stunning Infinity Pool

Private Indoor or Outdoor Pool in Every Room at Arte Resort

By far the most unique thing about Arte Resort is that every single room comes with a private swimming pool – many of them indoor swimming pools! This makes it the perfect escape for families with kids who want to give their children a great place to play on their own. They aren’t big pools – in fact they’re more like large hot tubs, but your kids won’t know the difference. They’ll just love playing in the water.

Water isn’t free though. Filling the pool with heated water will cost you – KRW 50,000 as of this writing. That adds a pretty penny to the daily rate, so some folks may want to skip the water and just enjoy the beautiful heated infinity pool that’s available to all guests.

Arte Resort Rooms, Accommodation & Amenities

The rooms at Arte Resort are simple and supply the things you need. Diverse bedding setups for different sized groups, a nice big bathroom with waterfall shower heads, cable TV, supplied robes and slippers etc. There aren’t many drawers, which makes it a bit inconvenient for extended stays. The closet doesn’t even close really. The door kind of blocks your view of the vacuum cleaner more than it does of your clothes. But the kitchenette is what matters!

Arte Resort Kitchenette

There’s a good sized refrigerator, full-sized sink and a 2-burner stove in the kitchenette. It’s got the basics for cooking and serving food: a pot, a pan, a rice cooker (it is Korea after all), some cooking utensils and chopsticks and spoons for 4 – 6 people.

The big dining room table sits in front of the kitchenette, and it’s got plenty of room for a sizable group of 4 – 6; eight if you squeeze but you’ll have to come up with some extra chairs somewhere.

Bring: salt, pepper and seasonings – everything you’ll need for cooking. There’s nothing provided, so you’ll save a lot of headaches if you do plan on doing any cooking.

Tip: Roasting meat and fish is not allowed, because of the way it smells up the room. Bring a portable barbecue to use outside if you’d like to grill.

Arte Resort Infinity Swimming Pool

The Arte Resort boasts an amazing infinity pool, overlooking the islands to the south. The views are absolutely spectacular, as you can see from their website’s infinity pool video. The water is heated to a warm temperature year-round, and thanks to their southern-most position on the peninsula, this is certainly one of the locations that you can swim at more than most anywhere else in Korea.

The hours suck though. Pool doesn’t open until noon.

They have frequent “bubble parties” where they shoot bubbles that cover most of the pool during peak season. The kids love them, and they usually start at 3 or 4. Check in advance if you’d like to join in.

Other Arte Resort Private Pool Villa Tips & Info

They’re very strict on check in and check out. You cannot get in your room before 3 pm no matter what. Most everyone stays 1 night, so you’ll pretty much have the resort to yourself from 10 am to 3 pm if you say more than that.

Korea’s Ocean-view Movie Theater is at Arte Resort

Probably one of the few movie theaters in the world with an ocean-view is inside of the Arte Resort main complex. (Yes, there’s not much point since they have to close the curtains, but you get the idea.)