Pine Ridge Resort & Villas | Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do

Pine Ridge Resort & Villas | Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do

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Pine Ridge Resort & Villas

With an environmentally-friendly golf course as its foundation, Pine Ridge Resort’s style differs from a typical Korean resort. Each of the 168 rooms is housed on the green in a European-style villa, giving the whole resort the atmosphere of a mountain village.The course itself was built with elvan stone—a mineral adamantine renowned in Eastern medicine for its healing powers—and water with the hot springs of Seorak. Pine Ridge Resort makes an effort to take the lead in improving the quality of life by taking away where none has been to, thinking new one before anyone else and setting a new strategy for the advanced leisure industry.


Devoted to the care of people as well as the environment, Pine Ridge also has traditional spa facilities. The Azalea Sauna uses naturally heated hot spring water in its baths, and the Azalea Spa and Oriental Medical Clinic offer many holistic therapy programs geared towards golfers.


Pine Ridge is proud of its Award-winning 27-hole golf course which has a sand that removes toxic substances and heavy metals disintegration. More than 40 kinds of minerals that are vital to the human body and the effects on metabolism and eluted skin health and control the acidity or alkalinity of water in strong alkaline. Enjoy their friendly, non-polluting natural wellness golf. There are in total three main Golf courses: Pine Course, Ridge Course, and Lake Course.

Surrounding Activities & Attraction

  • Views of the East Sea at Ayajin Port


To book on their website, you have to register an account first. More information (Korean only) in this link here.


Villa prices depend on what kind of member you are, how many people are going and which day you are going. It starts from ₩90,000 per night up to ~₩700,000.

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