Vivaldi Park Ski Resort | Hongcheon, Gangwon-do

Vivaldi Park Ski Resort | Hongcheon, Gangwon-do

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Vivaldi Park Ski Resort

Vivaldi Park has been noted for being the most visited Ski resort in Korea for seven consecutive years. It has its state-of-the-art facilities, and slopes suitable for all levels and yet more facilities are newly installed every year to maintain its reputation. Only 45 minutes from Seoul, It is the closest ski resort from a Seoul and largest Ski area in Seoul metropolitan region. It has recently become a huge all-season resort (including giant outdoor swimming pools).


This World-class SKI WORLD can accommodate 20,000 visitors daily, covers combined slope area of 1,322,021m2, total slope length of 6,784m. Among a total of 10 lifts Vivaldi Park Ski World operates, there is Asia’s first 8-seater express chairlift and 8-seater gondola. Their slope names are named after music genre like Ballad, Reggae, Classic, Funky, Techno, etc. They have from Beginner’s level up to Expert level.

Surrounding Attractions & Activities

In Vivaldi Park:
  • Snowy Land

Snowy land is a 49,587㎡ size winter village located in Vivaldi Park. Different types of sled, traditional winter sports are all here

  • Golf Club
VIVALDI PARK CC is renowned as one of the most prestigious golf clubs by golf experts. Tom Pec, a chief golf club engineer at Jack Nicklaus design company, designed natural friendly mountain course.
  • K1 Speed
Asia’s first K1 Speed venue and Korea’s largest indoor kart racing track.
  • Ant World
‘Ant world’ is the first multi-playground in Korea. All facilities are constructed with hazardous free and safety based. It is composed of various types of attractions including huge slides, RC car, café and etc.
  • VR Adventure
Surrounding Vivaldi Park:
  • Palbong-san Mountain

  • Gari-san Mountain

  •  Miyak-gol

  • Geumhak-san Mountain

  • Garyeong Waterfall

  • Suta-sa Temple at Gongjak-san Mountain

  • Yongso Valley

  • Saldun Valley

  • Sambong Yaksu of Gachil-bong


You can book Vivaldi Park by going to this link and then reservation.


Room rate starts from ~170,000 KRW per night.

How to get there

The resort offers a free shuttle bus from Seoul, under the condition that you make reservations beforehand. You can make reservations here at this link. The available pickup spots are either at Hongdae Station exit 8 or Myeongdong Lotte Hotel/Eulgiro 1-ga Station exit 8. For a detailed explanation of how to book the bus or where to meet, please refer to the link given previously.

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