Paradise City Resort | Jung-gu, Incheon

Paradise City Resort | Jung-gu, Incheon

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Paradise City Resort

Paradise City Resort is a massive resort located in the international business complex of Incheon International Airport. With a casino, half a dozen restaurants and bars, and over 700 guest rooms, Paradise City takes up 330,000㎡ and is one of the biggest resorts in the country. The Paradise City Resort is a contemporary luxury hotel offering luxurious and spacious rooms, fine dining restaurants and a stylish club lounge set in an artistic mood and relaxed ambiance.


Paradise City Resort offers a spa service called “The Spa at Paradise”, it is an esthetic spa and anti-aging clinic. They promise to offer the perfect relaxation and comfort, providing the guests with space to reverse time and age.Spa treatments include:
  • Time Reverse Body Treatment
  • Paradise Touch
  • Paradise Inspiration
  • Paradise Couple
  • Paradise Journey
The Spa at Paradise and Clinic Paradise is only available after reservation.

Surrounding Attractions and Activities

For activities inside Paradise City, they offer:
  • the above-mentioned Spa Services
  • Outdoor pool
  • Indoor Pool
  • Indoor Sauna
  • Fitness
  • Safari Park, which is a piquant entertainment spot with bowling zone, dart zone, even PlayStation zone.
  • Kids Zone
  • Flower Shop
For activities outside Paradise City, you could visit the nearby:
  • Incheon Bridge Observatory
  • Songdo Central Park
  • Tri-Bowl
  • Chinatown
  • Jjajangmyeon Museum
  • Wolmi Theme Park
  • Moraenae Market


Booking is available at their reservation page, here. In their reservation page, you could also see special offers the hotel is offering at a specific time as well. There is also a discount available only for reservations made through their homepage/mobile page!


The approximate price per night starts from ~230,000 KRW up to ~460,000

How To Get There

From Incheon Int’l AirportAirport Circular Shuttle Bus
  • Airport Circular Shuttle Bus (to Cargo Terminal) is operated at No.3 and No.12 Gates at the 3rd floor of Passenger Terminal (Departure floor)
  • Interval: 8~12 minutes / Travel Time: About 3 minutes
Hotel Shuttle Bus
  • Grand Hyatt Incheon Shuttle at Passenger Terminal Fl.1 (Arrival floor) 3C and 14C Gates
  • Interval: 15 minutes / Travel Time: About 3 minutes

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