High1 Resort Valley Ski House | Jeongseon, Gangwon-do

High1 Resort Valley Ski House | Jeongseon, Gangwon-do

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High1 Resort Valley Ski House

Nestled in Baekwoon Mountain, the new High1 Resort Valley Ski House provides some of the country’s favorite ski slopes for the young and energetic. The country’s only “ski train” brings sports lovers directly to High1 Resort Valley Ski House from Seoul Station. When you’re ready to crash for the night, High1 has five hotels to choose from—three of which are on-slope condos.During the summer months, you can still enjoy the trip downhill on High1’s alpine coaster or its tube sleds, or catch the sights from the High1 CC golf course located at 1,137m above sea level.


Want something more Vegas than Disney World? Kangwon Land is the only place in the country where both Korean and foreign guests can gamble. Bring your friends and bask in the noise and lights of 132 table games and 960 video and reel machines. Like all of Korea’s casinos, Kangwon Land offers free drinks following a W5,000 admission fee.


Starting from the 1,367m Baekwoon Mountain to approx. 680 m altitude, fantastic slopes with 18 runs and 21 km total length will ensure your full enjoyment amid the bounty of nature. Difficulty levels vary from beginner to the dizzying heights of an International Ski Federation (FIS) certified counter-rotation course. A key component of High1 Resort Valley Ski House is skiing with Disabilities. High 1’s facility is designed to be fully accessible to the disabled without any inconveniences. The resort also offers ski lessons.


At 1,137m above sea level, High1 C.C is a top public golf course which boasts a full 18 hole, 72 per course totaling 6,592M in length. The year-round green grass and modern, refined course design motivates golfers to challenge themselves, ensuring exciting, diverse rounds.

Surrounding Activities

Activities inside the resort

  • Hotel
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Casino
  • Ski slopes
  • Golf course
  • Spa
  • Hiking path
  • Seminar rooms
  • Ballroom
  • Etc.

Nearby tourists attractions

  • Jeongseong’s railbike
  • Jeongseon five-day market (open on the 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22nd, and 27th of every month)
  • Gangneung
  • Samtan Art Mine
  • Etc.

Booking & Cost

For booking, please call at this number 8(2)-(2)-1588–7789.  You can check the rates for rooms on High1 Resort Valley Ski House’s website.

How to get there

Address: 17 Gohan-ri, Gohan-eup, Jeongseon, Gangwon-do, South KoreaYou can easily reach the resort by taking the shuttle bus from Sabuk and Gohan, which you can get to by train or bus from Incheon International Airport, Gimpo International Airport, Seoul, Busan, etc.From Gosok Terminal, it will take you around 3 hours to get to the resort.

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