Hanwha Resort | Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do

Hanwha Resort | Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do

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Hanwha Resort Seorak Sorano

If you’re having trouble choosing between mountains, oceans, lakes, and hot springs, then Sokcho is your city—it’s got it all. There, you can find the recently renovated Hanwha Sorano near the celebrated Seorak Mountain. Sorano, a small village in southern Italy, is the inspiration for the Hanwha Resorts Seorak Sorano. By incorporating Tuscany architecture, it has been reborn as an exquisite resort with a beautiful natural scenery of the East Sea and Mt. Seorak.As a chain resort, much of the Sorano is self-service. This means taking out your own trash and no room service.


Located a 10-minute walk away is the pure mineral water park Waterpia, host to a plethora of hot springs and sauna facilities such as a wood bath and bubble bath. The Hue Spa offers a wide variety of professional therapeutic services,


The Seorak Plaza Country Club provides avid golf fans with a resplendent 18-hole course.

Surrounding activities

Activities inside the resort

  • Waterpia Spa theme park
  • Seorak Plaza Country Club Golf
  • Screen shooting range
  • Billiards hall
  • Seorak Cinerama

Nearby tourist attractions

  • Daecheongbong Peak (the country’s third highest peak at 1708 m)
  • Ulsanbawi Rock
  • Cheongcho Lake
  • Seorak Cinerama

Booking & Cost

To book a room, you can call the customer center at 1588-2299. For room prices, it starts from 116,000 but you can look at the Hanwha Resort website for more details.For Waterpia spa theme park, it costs up to W50,000 for full-day admission during high season.

How to get there

Address: 24-1 jangsadong Sokcho, Gangwon-doBy car, the ride from Seoul is about 2h-2h30min. You can also take the bus or fly to Yangyang. For more information, check the directions on their website.

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